#About Me

Hi, I am Wesson, 1995 Born in Guangxi, graduated from Huazhong Agricultural University, and now doing product design in Beijing.


Reading · Simplicity · Sharing · Creation


I [introversion] · N [intuition] · T [thinking] · J [judgment]

#Some principles.
  • Not being late.
  • Not acting dishonestly.
  • Not communicating to parents boredly.
  • Not making dirty jokes if women are present.

What am I reading: 👉 Reading record.
What am I watching: 👉 Film record.

#About Blog

Writing for fun. If you want to learn more about this Blog, you can check out 👉 About Blog.

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How to remember it faster: 叶星优酸乳,好喝又大补!

By the way, the shutter in this song rang 33 times. Count if you don't trust me : )

To be continued…